Buehner Books

Mark Buehner (Dad)

[Sam] Mark was born on the shady, quiet, peaceful street where he lived.
[Laura] Not true. It was a hospital.
[Sam] Being the youngest, he was spoiled rotten. He still is.
[Heidi] According to family lore, Pops learned to walk with a pencil in his hand. (There are pictures to prove it.)
[Heidi] He was the one responsible for teaching us to flood the sand box, hide on the fridge during hide-and-seek, sneak chocolate out of the cupboards, and build forts.
[Sam] And to eat popsicles after mom says, “No.”
[Sam] Mark’s artistic skills were apparent at an early age. He was seldom seen without a bottle of turpenoid and a paintbrush (in his mouth). His mother discovered his artistic talent on the walls of the home.
[Heidi] Mom met Dad on a blind date. He was Dracula. I think she wanted to go again so she could see what he really looked like.

Caralyn Buehner (Mom)

[Sam] Caralyn Dixie Morris Buehner was born in the hot desert of Utah’s Dixie. Her parents would swear they found her underneath a cactus plant, but we know the truth.
[Sarah] Umm… Grant’s reading Harry Potter.
[Laura] Are you actually going to post this, Heidi?
[Heidi] Mum grew up in Salt Lake. She was a book worm as a kid, and she’s a book worm now.
[Sam] Some things just can’t be fixed. (Sigh, chuckle.)
[Sarah] She’s basically a brilliant writer. When she met Dad, they made books, and la dee dah.
[Sam] She’s the proud mother of nine children, one rabbit, two ducks, and a fine garden of vegetables; she’s expecting a dog (hint, hint).
[Sam] We all wish she’d write a novel, but she won’t listen.
[Sam] We all sure do appreciate her home cookin’.
[Heidi] Mom likes BLTs, strawberry pie, a good book, foot rubs…
[Sarah] …and Dad’s kisses.